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Quality Assurance


- Our history

- Key figures

PRECIFAST Monistrol is part of the major players of the cold forming business in France.


PreciFast offers a large range of technical fasteners and cold formed steel products.


With 50 years of existence, we have acquired a know-how in the manufacturing of any type of screw in steel, and are able to fulfill - and exceed - the most demanding customer requirements.


Precifast  works with and directly supplies key French and European OEMs such as Renault, PSA, Ford and Volvo but we also work with Tier One suppliers, including TRW, Faurecia, Johnson Controls, Magna and more.


With our own in-house heat treatment line, our production process is highly controlled and is a key factor in delivering via an excellent JIT service.


We consistently achieve customer satisfaction through our reactivity and flexibility.




Our history


Beginning of 20th Century : Creation of MARTOURET facility in Monistrol-sur-Loire.


1968: Martouret becomes GFD (Générale de Forgeage et Décolletage),  the 1st manufacturer of standard and automotive threaded fasteners.


1973:  Creation of a new factory in Monistrol-sur-Loire, dedicated to the threaded fasteners manufacturing activity.


1977: GFD becomes GFI then Former in 1992.


2000: GFI becomes LISI Automotive.


2007: LISI Automotive sells the PRECITURN manufacturing plant.


2013: PRECITURN becomes PRECIFAST, focusing on cold-formed parts and fasteners.

PreciFast Monistrol specializes in the threaded fasteners manufacturing activity by the cold forming process, mainly dedicated to the automotive industry.


The plant, located in Monistrol sur Loire, close to Saint-Etienne (France), is organized into 3 main sections:


• Cold Forming Workshop with Boltmakers

• Heat Treatment Workshop

• Optical Sorting and Packaging Workshop


Thanks to efficient machinery, the plant is able to produce more than 2 million screws everyday.


The heat treatment line absorbs 750 kg of screws per hour.


Depending on the sectors and client demands, our plant produces in

3 shifts of 8 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





Our know-how


Your expert for cold forming parts! Cold forming is the technical term for plastic deformation of steel and non-ferrous metal. Based on rolled or drawn wire product being cold formed in several process steps on multi-stage presses.



Compared to other processes cold forming provides several advantages, such as saving of material, a very high process velocity and a homogeneous grain structure, improving the mechanical properties of the part. Depending on the degree of deformation hardness, elasticity, yield and tensile strength of the part is considerably improved. Precise pressing tools ensure dimensional accuracy and part’s surface free of grooves.

1. Body in White

2. Chassis

3. Powertrain

4. Suspensions

5. Interior & Exterior Systems

6. Electronics, Energy & Management Systems

Fastening Applications for Automotive Industry

Smart Cold Forming Components for Automotive Industry

• Seat Belt Retractors

• Fuel Injection Devices

• Starter Motors

• Chain Tensioners

• Power Window Regulators

• Key Cylinders

Cost Savings: Direct Fastening in Steel, Alloys, Plastics & Composite Materials

Simulation, Design, Prototyping & Testing for Technical Approval in Plastic Materials

Trilobular Screw Technology: Cost Reduction Advantages

Advantages of Thread-Forming Screws

• Self-alignment

• Mounting at low axial load

• Low driving torque

• High ratio driving torque/over-tightening torque



• Control of  the Torque-Tension relationship

• Dynamic joint performances

• Vibration resistance





Tightening Torque Characteristic

Electronics & Micro Parts

Mini-Screws for Electro & Electronic Industry

Micro Cold Forming Parts for Electronic & Connecting Industries

PreciFast Products

We manufacture:


• Metric Screws

• Thread Forming Screws

• Cold Formed parts

• From M6 to M12 diameter range, with Material grades and finishes made according to customer applications and specifications





Industrial Partners

Schaubenfabrik W. Rüggeberg GmbH


• Metric screws

• Thread forming screws

• Screws for plastic materials

• From 1,8 mm to M8 diameter range with

Material grades and finishes made according to customer

applications and specifications.

Industrial Partners

Fukui Byora


A Metal Parts Innovator for 50 years...

• Cold Forming Technology

• Integrated Production System


• Value Added Engineering

• Automotive Engine Device

• Automotive Safety Device

• Automotive Components

• Electronics

• Houseappliances

• Medical

• Electric Vehicule for EV Battery + EV Plug-In

Industrial Partners

Hewi G. Winker GmbH & Co. KG


• Cold forging nuts


• Hot forging nuts


• Cold forming Net Shape components


• From M4 to M59 x 1,5


• Material grades and finishes made according to customer

applications and specifications

Locknuts Automotive Applications

Transmission Shaft






Steering Wheel







Quality Assurance


Quality is an integral part of the overall philosophy at PreciFast, from the value-added products we design and the full service we provide our customers. We are consistently among the preferred suppliers in our field for delivery, logistics and quality.


Dedicated to Quality:

• ISO/TS 16949 :2009 certified

• ISO 9001 :2008 certified

• ISO 14001 is our next target

• Customer Specifics Management

• Customer Dedicated Quality Engineers

• 5WHY/8D Root Cause Analysis Embedded

• Boltmakers equipped with Process Monitoring





Contact PreciFast


To get in touch please call +33 4 71 66 53 48, email or fill out the form below.





PreciFast Quality Code


• Maintain excellence in development

(presence of our customers at design stage,

deliveries, reduction of lead time, risk management)

• Offer innovative technical solutions in accordance with market needs

• Reach a required quality level, in line with customer expectations

• Provide a full service to our industrial partners

• Work closely and in partnership with our customers






Our core business lies in our ability to manufacture any types of screws as defined in projects or customer drawings.


We offer competitive prices.

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